Looking for the best spot to catch a match, drink a pint and eat some food with your mates? Book a table or an event at E&C. We’ve got tasty Brit-ish  eats, and the game is always on. The Union Jack behind the bar may be faded, but the energy is vibrant. Come to the place where football lives and we’ll have a bloody good time!



We have a few pubs around, but no distance is too far for a chilly pint. Honestly, we’d travel anywhere for a Wee Pie Flight!

To find your nearest E&C Pub and Restaurant, you can view our locations by clicking here., you can view our locations by clicking here.

You don’t have to do anything. If you want to guarantee yourself and your mates a spot (especially while a big match is on), we do highly recommend reserving on our website. We can get rowdy crowds, so it’s best to book for your group ahead of time. We can get everything ready for you ahead of time and you can sit right away. You sit back and get your Brit on, we’ll take care of everything else.

You can also book an event with us and book the entire restaurant or a private dining room! We just require a few details, and we can custom-tailor a package to perfectly fit your needs.

We’ve got plenty of vegetarian and gluten-friendly items to suit all tastes. When you visit, look for the icon Veg  icon circles below the menu descriptions to find the meals that suit you.

If you have any concerns, questions or allergies, please chat with the good bloke bringing your pints. They’ll make sure you have a bloody good time!


Our Happy Hour goes from Monday to Friday, 3 PM – 6 PM. If you’re looking to get rowdy, Happy Hour is a good time to do it! Course, we think every hour at E&C Pub and Restaurant is Happy Hour, especially when you bring your mates..

Click here to check out our happy hour deals and be sure to select your location for accurate information!

A great time is always in the cards, as we say! You can purchase a gift card through our website by clicking here, or purchase one next time you stop in for a quick pint and meal. Online, you can send a card by mail, send an e-gift or check the balance of your gift card. Technology is awesome.