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Frequently Asked Questions



Does Elephant & Castle have vegetarian options?
While our pub classics, and most of English cuisine for that matter, are notoriously meat-centric, we offer plenty of choices for those of your party who are vegetarian, including full-size salads, wraps and, yes, even pastas.

Are there gluten-free options as well?
While we are not a gluten-free environment and products containing gluten are prepared in our kitchens, we do offer menu items that can be modified to accommodate a gluten sensitivity. Just ask your server.

Does Elephant & Castle serve takeout?
Most of our locations deliver through either UberEats or Skip The Dishes. That said, not all our items are resilient enough to travel well beyond the borders of our establishment. Please keep this in mind when you decide you fancy a bit of steak and ale pie while you stay up to watch the premier league.  

I heard they don’t have happy hour in England. Do you have happy hour?
Aye, they don’t have them, but we’re not in England, are we? From 3-6, Monday through Friday, select drinks are $4, and snacks are half price. It’s an English pub, without all the English rules. Pretty brilliant, right? 

I took an awesome picture of my food. How can I share it with you?
I bet you’ve got right a stunning bit of photography on your hands, love. If you’d like to send it our way, go ahead and tag it on instagram with #ElephantCastle. If we like it, we might even feature it on our social channels. And if we really like it, we’ll put in a good word for a knighthood or ladyship.      



Where can I find the nearest Elephant & Castle?
Rather than going all the way across the pond, you can just check our locations page.

When do you open and close?
Every pub is a little different. Check out the locations page to find the hours of the Elephant & Castle nearest you. Or give us a ring and ask us directly.

How can I get a job at Elephant & Castle?
Straight to the point. We like the cut of your jib. Check out our careers page to read about all the employment opportunities we offer.

Do you take reservations?
Right, so some Elephant & Castle locations take reservations through OpenTable. Some don’t. However, if you have a group of 6 or more, make a reservation at our group reservation page to make sure we can comfortably accommodate everyone in your group.

Do all Elephant & Castle restaurants seat minors?
Because we often have no distinction or division between the restaurant and bar, not every location can seat minors. That’s the law. If you’re not sure about the policy of the location nearest you, just give us a ring.

Does Elephant & Castle support local community events?
We wouldn’t be much of a community pub if we didn’t. Each Elephant & Castle location is proud to work with local businesses and select charities within their communities. Stop by your nearest location today and lets talk about a potential partnership over a pint, yeah?

Why are you called Elephant & Castle?
We had a feeling you’d ask. After all, such a strange combination of words has a way of conjuring together visions of an unlikely friendship between a large land mammal and an obsolete defensive structure. In truth, our name comes from a neighborhood in south London. Plus, a proper English pub always has two names.